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Day of sport

At Military institute of National guard of the Republic of Kazakhstan on August 17, 2014 the chair of physical preparation and sport conducted the sports festival devoted to Day of sport and tourism.

2nd educational battalion, battalion of ensuring educational process, the cadets who arrived in Military Educational Institutions of the Russian Federation, faculty of professional development of officers, staff officers and chairs participated in a sports festival.

Events of a sports festival included mass and game sports, such as volleyball, an arm-wrestling, kettlebell sport, track and field athletics relay and cross-country, and also pulling of a rope.

Following the results of a sports festival prize-winning places were distributed in the following order:

1st place – 4th educational company, is awarded by the Cup and the diploma;

2nd place – a battalion of ensuring educational process, it is awarded by the diploma;

3rd place – the cadets who came to MEI of the Russian Federation are awarded by the diplomas.

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