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Generals are always in the ranks

In the evening on May 5 for 2 battalions in the club of Military institute took place the traditional meeting of a final year with the veteran of Internal troops. This year as the guest of honor the legendary major general Tskhay Boris Alekseevich acted.

At the beginning of the Meeting the movie shot by republican TV channel «Khabar» about a legend of Internal troops – «Personality» was shown. Then in addition Boris Alekseevich told about himself, the destiny, service, and his family. Episodes from office and fighting activity, his formation as officer were the most interesting facts from the general’s life for 4-year-cadets. To tell the truth, I knew the general Tskhay before nodding, and couldn’t assume that he is such a notable story-teller – instead of the planned one hour he carried out two. And the most interesting thing is that – he was listened, listened carefully. You, probably, think why I speak so?! I will try to explain: as far as I studied psychology of cadets and graduates of any institution always don’t care. Yes at any listener after 40 minutes of lecture attentiveness is lost, they start distracting, filling up, «hitting» in mobile devices. Here everything was in a different way – the general so fascinatingly and penetrating told, and to him was what to tell that cadets didn’t remember about a dinner and personal time which began in 20.00 h. and which they never forget!

Upon termination of speech of the general, some questions as almost on all available he answered in the «story about life» were asked it literally. And 4-year-cadets Kayrnas and Zhasulan executed composition on a military subject, the first-year student Aybol Tazhibayev the song «Long live, to the general, long live also made!». Boris Alekseevich wasn’t in debt and sang the darling «The song of officers». Then cadets of a final year presented to a general legend a valuable present in the form of a nominal cue. Everything ended with a photo-shoot with the general, the most sharp-witted cadets were rubbed about general stripes on good luck!

Ruslan Kaiyrkenov

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